We are a traditional dojo teaching in a contemporary environment.

Our training focuses on the needs of the individual whether those needs are cultivating the spirit through the martial arts, self-defense, or just fun and fitness. Classes are instructed by Marcus Encel (Australia’s number-1 instructor).

  • Students are paired with suitable training partners for their level of expertise.
  • Beginners get to train with advanced and also people their own level.
  • For the advanced student we have classes to extend them beyond their current boundaries.
  • We are always adjusting our classes to meet the needs of our trainees
  • We have regular seminars and weekend retreats to go deeper into our study and have fun as group in a scenic environment.

Reasons To Train With Pure Aikido

  • Personal attention every class
  • Highly skilled instruction
  • Fun and friendly environment
  • Self Defense skills
  • Multiple attack training
  • Weapons training if required
  • Ki training

“At this dojo we train in such a way as to allow all people to train in a mutually beneficial way. Self defense is a priority. Students build their confidence and ability with personal attention to their specific needs.”

Marcus Encel – Sensei