Learn Online

Learn Online

Learn online with Marcus Encel, one of the most experienced Aikido practitioners in Australia.

Train with Marcus Encel online, while following the practices and principles of the Pure Aikido Dojo.

Our practice is rooted in basic technique where we explore forms in their ideal technical state then we move to freeform training. Self defense is a priority. Students build their confidence and ability with personal attention to their specific needs.

Please contact Marcus Encel on 0418 232 115 or info@pureaikido.com to enquire about Online Training.

“I view Aikido as Martial ART. An art form encompassing physical movement, martial practices, meditation and mind control, and the vast number of skills this entails. It can be a lifetime research, constantly evolving your practice and understanding of the art, expressing it ultimately in your own way according to your own understanding.”

Marcus Encel