Our Dojo

Our Dojo

Pure Aikido, Australia’s premier dojo. All aspects of Aikido are taught here.

Aiki no Michi Aikidojo was established in 1997. We changed our name to Pure Aikido as many found our previous name confusing. The goals of this dojo continue to be excellence, the faithful preservation of the founder’s techniques; spiritual growth and self defense. The focus is on regular training.

In our dojo a person is assessed on their actions not their words. In our daily practice we strive for the perfection of our technique and self improvement through regular training, some of the typical benefits being bravery, compassion, self awareness, mind control, self discipline, and spiritual insight and self defense ability. All non-Dan ranks wear a white belt and the point is regularly reinforced that rank does not make the person.


  • To research and train in the techniques and practices of the founder of Aikido (O’sensei)
  • To try to embody that spirit in our daily lives and to embark on self development to become the person we want to be
  • Harmony and co-operation between dojo members
  • Training for all regardless of condition
  • Compassion, kindness and Strength
  • To unite the different elements of our training

Reasons To Train With Us

  • Personal attention every class
  • Highly skilled instruction
  • Fun and friendly environment
  • Self Defense skills
  • Multiple attack training
  • Weapons training if required
  • Ki training

To become a skilled martial artist requires diligent and regular study. However some people are looking for a great club for social interaction, self-defense skills, fitness, or for some other reason specifically. We welcome all individuals who want to make a positive contribution to themselves and this club.”

Marcus Encel – Sensei